Donate $5 to empower blind and visually impaired children.

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Blind and visually impaired children are dependent on another person
if they want to know how the world looks.


A mobile assistant that describes tactile graphics via audio output
would help them become more independent.
discover the world
study subject like Maths, Biology, Geography
explore their favorite characters
compare cars, animals, buildings.

Help make „Discovery Channel & Google Images”
for the blind and visually impaired
available for Android!


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About the mobile assistant

Drawings with raised surfaces aka tactile graphics represent a popular means for children with visual impairments to discover the world around them.

THEN: Traditionally, reading a graphic requires a very intimate gesture: that of a teacher taking and guiding the hand of a child on a graphic while explaining what they are touching.

iOS assistant already available

Help create the Android assistant

*The app only works with drawings in our library.


The Tactile Images mobile assistant combines modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and interactive augmented reality to make a piece of paper talk to a blind or visually impaired person.

Steps to follow once you have the iOS app and a drawing from our library: 

  1. Position the phone above an interactive tactile graphic. The app will read the QR Code placed in the upper left corner and tell you the title of the graphic.
  2. Position the index finger on the Braille-written title (available for the tactile graphics in the Library) and the app will tell you the description of the graphic.
  3. Start exploring with both hands.

  1. The app will identify the position of the index finger and beep once when you come across an area with descriptions.
  2. Point the index finger if you want to find out the description of that area. Preferably, clench your fist and extend the index finger as if you were pointing to that area.
  3. Be steady for 3 seconds.
  4. The app will send you 3 beeps and deliver the audio description of the area.
  5. Additionally, you can touch the QR Code to listen to general information about the subject of the graphic.

Donate $5 to bring independence to Android users as well.


– Audio descriptions can be in these languages: English, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Romanian, Finnish, Spanish

– You are free to personalize the descriptions of any graphic

– Multi-sensorial learning

– Mobile assistant (works anywhere: school, home, park, library, museum, city hall, train station, metro)

– You can either hold it with your hand or use a phone holder (Gooseneck)

– Modern technologies: AI, machine learning, interactive augmented reality, finger tracking

Who can you use the Tactile Images mobile assistant:

  • children: to study independently & to have fun 
  • teachers: to teach remotely & simultaneously in class
  • parents: to encourage extralearning & homeschooling 

Spread the word! Send some love! 

Tell your friends & family to look with their heart!

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